Compak Coffee Grinders


Cube Tamp
Automatic Coffee Tamper
Motor 65 W

Consistency of pressing in all services, flat and without residues.

Its small size makes it the ideal complement for coffee shops that want to guarantee optimal extraction.

Compatible with most filter holders on the market.

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Key Features

  • Ensure consistent puck integrity through unmatched pressure control
  • Adjustable tamping pressure from 10 to 30 kg ( 22-66 lb.)
  • Measure unit selection ( Kg/lb.)
  • Portafilter holder adjustable height to fit all types of portafilter.

Electronic Features

  • Manual cleaning mode
  • OLED display with touch pad
  • Enlightened tamping area

Key Specifications

Motor output 65 W
Compactor diameter 53 - 54,5 - 58 - 58,3 mm
Height x width x depth 280 x 165 x 185 mm
Net weight 6,3 Kg



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