Compak Coffee Grinders



The Istituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano ( INEI ) is a nonprofit association founded in 1988 with the primary objective of protecting and promoting the culture of authentic Italian Espresso.

To date, the National Institute of Italian Espresso is one of the most prestigious international associations in the coffee sector. It consists of thirty-seven major companies in the sector, among which is Compak Coffee Grinders . As INEI partners , our team receives regular training in sensory analysis , with the goal of providing our customers with products capable of grinding coffee for the preparation of authentic Espresso & Cappuccino.

The use of the trademark " Espresso Italiano Certificate " in a cafe ensures the customer is drinking a drink made with a blend of certified coffee , the use of a machine and mill that are certified , together with the preparation of Espresso by a qualified Barista.