Compak Coffee Grinders



For over 25 years, these organizations have inspired coffee professionals in their quest of learning, growth and collaboration towards improving the industry " Specialty Coffee".

Over the years the SCAE & SCAA has globally become one of the largest associations in the coffee trade , with members representing more than 50 countries including all segments of specialized coffee producers, roasters and retail industry.

Both associations have been leading the development and promotion of coffee expertise .   They are strongly committed to meet the challenges of a fast moving industry, incorporating and preserving an expanding certification program , specific analysis in the industry, and creating more opportunities to connect , share and work together with the objective that our industry continues to grow.

Due to major collaborations with the SCAE & SCAA , Compak during 2006-2008 undertook the adventure and challenge in the World Barista Championship sponsorship as well as the United States Barista Championship , as the official sponsor grinder.

From then on, Compak continues its collaboration with the SCAA & SCAE through various events and actions.