Compak Coffee Grinders

Bolt 83


  • Total Black

    Total Black

    Black matt elements:
    Grind regulator
    Display cover
    Tamper support
    Back cover

  • Pro Barista version

    Pro Barista version

    Without tamper.

  • Back leds and fan

    Back leds and fan.

  • Smoked hopper

    Smoked hopper

    Capacity: 1.250 g

  • Polished hopper base and coffee collection tray

    Polished hopper base and coffee collection tray.

  • Mini hopper

    Mini hopper

    Capacity: 700 g

  • Fresas Red Speed

    Red Speed burrs

    Low coefficient of friction and specially hardened material. Reduces heat generation.
    83 mm: 5.000 Kg
    64 mm: 2.250 Kg

  • Detector de Portafiltros

    Portafilter Detector


  • Grinder body color

    Grinder body color

    Check our conditions.

  • Customizable hopper

    Customizable hopper

    It can be personalized with sheets in the front and back spaces.
    Capacity: 1.800 g

    Print template

  • Vinyl customizable hopper

    Vinyl customizable hopper

    Allows for all kinds of images to be added for a 360 view.
    Capacity: 1.800 g

  • Back logo customization

    Back logo customization