Compak Coffee Grinders


Lisbon Coffee Fest 2022

MARCH 2022

COMPAK is the Official Grinder Sponsor for the National Baristas Championship during the Lisbon Coffee Fest 2022, from March 25, 26 and 27th.

The competitors will have in their hands two top notch grinders, the PK100 LAB and the E8 On Demand. The powerful PK100 LAB is a multipurpose grinder, specially designed for specialty coffees. Its 98mm flat burrs are blind (no screw holes), giving a greater cutting area and a reduced retention. For Espresso brews they will be helped by the always reliable E8 OD, a powerfull grinder with an accurate dosing and a spectacular productivity. Two mighty grinders wich take workflow to the next level.

Come and visit our stand located at the LX Factory, take a coffee with us and enjoy the COMPAK World.

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