Compak Coffee Grinders

Quality and Environment Policy

Established as the MISSION of COMPAKŪ

"Manufacture of various high-quality products, intended for the hospitality sector around the world."

And as VISION of the company

"To position itself as a leader in our market, transmitting an image of quality and prestige, as well as environmental responsibility."


  1. To transmit to the client a concept of total quality, both in the product and in the after-sales service and customer service.
  2. Offer a personalized treatment to clients, being flexible and adapting to their needs at all times.
  3. Achieve customer loyalty, meeting their expectations with innovations in our products, as well as the creation of new products.
  4. Pollution prevention and specific protection of the environment.
  5. Commitment to comply with legal requirements.
  6. Use continuous improvement as a working method in our internal processes and environmental interactions.
  7. Train and involve the company's staff in the concept of total quality, as it will be essential for our future growth.
  8. Serve as a traction element of our suppliers in terms of quality and service.

The General Director edits, approves this policy, and is also responsible for its distribution, and for making it known to the heads of the departments.

These, in turn, are responsible for communicating it, making it understood and keeping it implemented within their respective departments. The quality policy is translated into the departmental objectives, collected in the annual objectives. These objectives are set, according to the strategic and management plan procedure, PROC-RSC/001 and evaluated, according to the management review procedure, PROC-RSC/002.